Wednesday 30th March 2011

March 30, 2011 Alfie 0

This whole clock change thing is not going well from a dog food perspective. I was expecting my meals to come forward accordingly. My Mistress […]

Tuesday 29th March 2011

March 29, 2011 Alfie 0

Megan has been in the wars. She wasn’t really well from her anaesthetic on Friday when she had her hips x-rayed. AS if that wasn’t […]

Monday 28th March 2011

March 28, 2011 Alfie 0

It is days like yesterday when you wish you didn’t own so many clocks. “Can you go round the house and correct the time on […]

Sunday 27th March 2011

March 27, 2011 Alfie 0

Optimistically, my Mistress has started to develop some flower gardens in the back garden. Will she never learn? She is building slightly raised garden beds […]

Saturday 26th March 2011

March 26, 2011 Alfie 0

I had forgotten, in amongst everything else, that Megan was going to the vet yesterday for her hip scoring. It was only when she wasn’t […]

Thursday 24th March 2011

March 24, 2011 Alfie 0

My little friend Alfie Entlebucher is poorly. I feel very sorry for him as I know what it’s like. I hope he doesn’t dislike eyedrops […]

Tuesday 22nd March 2011

March 22, 2011 Alfie 0

Life returned to near normality yesterday. Megan did her second trip to the butchers. I had asked her to sneak some of the cooked meat […]