Wednesday 30th March 2011

This whole clock change thing is not going well from a dog food perspective. I was expecting my meals to come forward accordingly. My Mistress on the other paw has decided there is no harm in our eating at the usual time according to the winter clock. Apparently there are a number of reasons whey eating an hour later would be more helpful in the scheme of things, it’s just that I’m the only one who isn’t seeing them! I’m sure if we give it a few more days I can wear her down and we’ll be back to normal.

Our vet has concluded that as a breed we are not very brave when it comes to personal pain. We may, of course, not be representative of the breed, but all three of us have in common our dislike of any painful procedures. Apparently it is not that usual in guarding breeds, but in our defence the bond we develop with our humans is not that normal either. I think it probably allows us to be a bit on the soft side when it comes to the vet. We are fearless when it comes to guarding. Not that it has ever been put to the test. Megan proved the theory when she has to have some of her broken claw removed. She really was not happy about it. At least she will be back to normal in a day or two.

On the good news front, the oven was cleaned yesterday, so it should be a few weeks before we have to suffer the smoke alarm going off. I can tell you that is not a noise a dog likes to hear. To be fair the humans are not that keen either! I suppose the difference is that the humans have to deal with the situation and can’t run into the room and hide under the table with their paws over their ears.