Monday 28th March 2011

It is days like yesterday when you wish you didn’t own so many clocks. “Can you go round the house and correct the time on the clocks, Alfie?” A simple request, you would think. It was ok, once I remembered I had to add an hour. You would think when they say that you have lost an hour that you ought to be taking an hour off. There are the clocks I can’t reach, the ones with the fiddly controls and the ones I simply couldn’t work out what to press. The kitchen alone has three clocks and to be fair not one of them was right before the clocks changed anyway, so why bother changing them? We don’t really use them to measure absolute time, more the length of time that something has been in the oven. I got as far as the clock in the utility and got very confused. Either it had taken me an hour to get from the kitchen to the utility, or that one didn’t get changed last autumn. I’m guessing it was probably the latter so I didn’t make any further adjustment. I did get rewarded with the corner of a bacon sandwich, which while it isn’t money in the bank is certainly the next best thing for doing some work.

To give him his due, my Master successfully completed a DIY job at the weekend. We are all very proud of him. There has been no need to call in any repair people to fix what he has done and it looks pretty much a perfect, neat job. Unfortunately for him, that means several other jobs have been lined up for him so he can practice his new found abilities. On the downside, the job for which we bought the double latter turns out to be too complicated and we still need to get someone to come and do that one. My Master was all for having a go, but my Mistress knows when it’s wise to throw in the towel and so she quickly took all the parts away and hid them to be on the safe side.