Saturday 26th March 2011

I had forgotten, in amongst everything else, that Megan was going to the vet yesterday for her hip scoring. It was only when she wasn’t allowed any breakfast that my Mistress had really said very much about it. That was the point at which Megan began to complain very loudly as she does like her food. She asked me to complain on her behalf. We normally work as a team when it comes to complaining about things, but in this instance I had to explain it really was for her own good and she would have to accept it. She grumbled rather at that point. To be honest she grumbled from that point until my Mistress had to take her to the vet at 9am. Two solid hours of grumbling is not enjoyable by anyone’s standards.

Anyway, now she has had it done at least she can look forward to being able to have a go on the agility course. I think my Mistress wants to wait until her results come back, but that shouldn’t be too long. I suppose she just wants to make sure it was all ok. I think we are planning to have a bit of a competition with the agility course after that. Shadow has much more experience on it so is expecting to win. I’m frankly not expecting to win, so I am backing Megan who is the fastest and most agile of the three of us. I would be quite happy to be the one sat at the side with the stop watch or take people’s bets on the girls.

The forecast says we are in for more sunshine, so I am hoping for a nice weekend in the garden relaxing in the warmth. My Mistress thinks I’m going to help with the gardening, but digging is more in the girls line than mine. I’m more of your supervisor type of dog.