Thursday 31st March 2011

This is a quarter of the year gone and what have I achieved? The girls have been to training and had various health tests for breeding. I’m just Alfie. I don’t get to take part in breeding. I don’t get to go to Discover Dogs. I guess I’m feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I’ve been prepared to roll over fro anyone until recently, but I’ve reached that time in life where I refuse to be pushed around any longer and have decided I’m going to be top dog in this house. Of course that is until the girls simply pin me down and tell me otherwise. The final straw was watching how close to my Mistress Megan was getting. My Mistress is first and foremost MY Mistress. I am willing to share but only a little bit of her, the rest is mine and it’s going to stay that way. I’ve never really asserted myself before. It has been a strange feeling. It has involved a bit of barking and quite a lot of standing my ground. I don’t think I’m a nicer dog for it, so I’m not sure it will last. In the meantime, I am getting more of my Mistress to myself, which has to be a good thing. I even got to finish Shadow’s food yesterday and that is a real bonus.

I think my objectives for the next quarter of the year will be to maintain the position of top dog and maybe get one of my books published on Kindle too. To be quite honest, I think I may be better suited to the life of a writer than I am as being a leader. It’s an altogether more passive existence and involves much more thinking time, usually while napping.