Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Will I write a press release? I don’t know how to write a press release. What is my Mistress thinking of? It stems from the fact that she doesn’t know how to write a press release and is rather hoping that someone will do it for her. She needs a publicist. I wonder if Max Clifford is available. Mind you, I’m guessing we can’t afford him if he is, and come to that I don’t suppose we are all that exciting. Mind you, from observation, most of the people he deals with aren’t really all that exciting, it’s just the way he presents them to the world.

I am reaching the conclusion that when it comes to dogs the reverse of the saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is true. Humans seem to work with the former when they fight wars, dogs work more with ‘the friend of my friend is my friend’ when it comes to life in general and particularly Facebook. Humans are so much more reserved than dogs are, both in life and as it turns out in cyber space. The great thing is that I am being able to find out about my breed in other countries that we didn’t yet have any contacts with. I think my Mistress is actually quite pleased with me.

This may sound odd for a house with three dogs, but there is a cat who keeps visiting our garden. I’ve seen him from the window and I have followed his scent all round our garden. He is either very brave and fearless or a very stupid cat. Megan has tried to scale the fence in search of him and that is my Mistress’s biggest fear if she starts to do working trials. At that point she will progress from trying to scale the fence to succeeding! I’m not sure how you would prevent that when there are such interesting scents to follow.