Thursday 24th March 2011

My little friend Alfie Entlebucher is poorly. I feel very sorry for him as I know what it’s like. I hope he doesn’t dislike eyedrops as much as I do, otherwise his owners are in for some real fun and games trying to apply them. Megan spend a lot of time nose to nose with him on Sunday, so I’m keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t start showing any symptoms. Anyway, get well soon Alfie from all of us.

On the other paw, there’s my Mistress and recently she really does seem to be bidding for the dumb blonde award. When she goes to the hairdressers in a couple of weeks she really does need to think about having her hair dyed! She was due to attend the funeral of David the leader of the online writing group she has been part of for the last 4 years. She hadn’t met him in person and she didn’t know the family. There she was standing outside the crematorium in the sunshine, when a man on his own said, ‘You look like you don’t know the family either’. They got talking. He was also there for David’s funeral and said he knew the wife and children but no one else. The funeral was at 11.30. At 11.15 everyone processed in and the man indicated for my Mistress to go ahead of him, so she did and found a seat even though it wasn’t due to start for 15 minutes. When it started immediately she presumed her watch had stopped. It was a very short ceremony and then they came to the committal of the body “We commit Elsie…” Elsie! She thought ‘Who the heck is Elsie?’ and burst out laughing, stifling it as well as possible. She tried to politely wait to the end and cover her smirk and giggles. Then she went out and walked round to the front of the Crematorium and came back in again for David’s funeral.

She would dearly like to send apologies to Elsie’s family for the crazy red-head, wearing the bright purple shirt, when you were all wearing black, who burst out laughing in the funeral of your loved one.

What is she like?