Sunday 27th March 2011

Optimistically, my Mistress has started to develop some flower gardens in the back garden. Will she never learn? She is building slightly raised garden beds around the base of the summerhouse to hide the concrete. You may wonder where exactly she is going wrong. In the first instance she is using willow edging to build the borders. Willow is a type of wood. We like chewing wood. I really can’t see that lasting very long. Secondly, she is putting plants in and she should have realised by now we have a tendency to remove those from the ground and run off with them. Finally, she is using the compost that she has been making for the last year. We have been trying to get that compost out of the bin to enjoy it in all its decomposing glory and now we can get to it. All in all I don’t fancy the chances of the flower beds lasting very long in the state that they are being developed, not unless the whole area is cordoned off so we can’t get to it.

We have also opened up the summerhouse again. My Mistress has stopped short of taking the keyboard back out there just yet, but she has given it a spring clean and checked everything is ready to move back in. She says she needs to install a drinks fridge and a snack cupboard. Now whilst I think she is only joking they both sounded like quite a good idea to me. I have drawn up a list of the snacks I would like putting in it, just in case she is serious. Some of them are a little more difficult as I have specified that the marzipan must be the lovely Belgian one we used to buy that is 50% almond. The chews and bones will be easier they just need moving from the cupboard in the house.