Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Life returned to near normality yesterday. Megan did her second trip to the butchers. I had asked her to sneak some of the cooked meat out for us before handing it over, or better still a piece of steak, but she is turning into a real goody-goody and simply handed everything over to my Mistress to put into the fridge. I tried to explain to her that first and foremost she should be on the side of the dogs, but she wasn’t having any of it. She said she didn’t want to jeopardise her lovely long walk on such a beautiful day and she probably had a point.

Today things are a little more subdued. My Mistress has gone to the funeral of a lovely man who led the writing group she is part of. He wasn’t that old, which makes it all the more sad. He had been a wonderful support to her in her writing over the last four years. We are all being especially nice to her to try to make her feel a bit better. I said she ought to dedicate her next book to him and she is thinking of doing that.

On a more upbeat and exciting note, she did win having a book cover designed in an auction to raise money for Japan. What that means is that she can now work on final editing and formatting to get another book published on Kindle. She seems to have been hit by the bug. Of course if they start selling it will be a bigger incentive! She needs to learn about marketing her work and make sure she spends enough time doing that. The problem for a writer is that they are good at writing and not necessarily good at selling. It doesn’t make it easy.