Running – Sunday 30th December 2019


Me and Mama taking a break from running

There is nothing like running on my favourite mountain. Just running. Oh it’s a wonderful feeling. Sometimes I was chasing Mama and sometimes I was just running in circles around everyone. After a couple of days travelling it felt better than ever to be able to just let my hair down and run. I’m going again later this morning and I am so looking forward to it.

Beautiful scenery

Mum was happy just to enjoy the views as she walked. I could get the point she was making, but on the whole I just wanted to run and then run some more. It was so completely the best big of my day. For the record, they went and coffee without me. Then the boys went to a brewery and I had to sit in the car. Then they went to a supermarket and again I sat in the car. You can see why the running bit was the best. The good news for me is that because Mum loves it so much up there she wants to go every day if that’s possible. Maybe we’ll get some snow up there before the week is over.

Die Rigi

Today should be better from my point of view anyway. After going for a run with Mama we’re planning to get a train up another mountain. I’m not sure where we have to go exactly, but then I don’t have to give the directions so that’s not a problem. I won’t be running with Mama when we get to the top of that one either, but I will get to enjoy more time outdoors with the whole family for company. I really need to take some photos to send back to one of my friends in England who is called Rigi after the mountain. I won’t point out to him that the mountain is female.



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  1. Good morning Wilma, I enjoyed the running as much as you did – and we will meet again later in the morning today, that’s fun. You can tell your friend Rigi that the snowy peak behind the fog in the picture above actually ist die Rigi!
    Lots of love

    • Dearest Mama
      I’m telling my humans I’m ready now, but they say I’m too early. See you soon.
      Your loving daughter

  2. Hello Wilma, It looks amazing there. I would love to have a place to run like the wind with no cars, bikes and people about. Have a brilliant time. Love Dickens X

  3. Ohn jeh Wilma on the top of the Rigi you can not run as you would like. There are always so many many People. In one week you will be able to run around Kornried. You know this place very well. Have a good week at Innerschweiz
    Love from all from Kornried

    • I can’t wait to see you all. We didn’t go up the Rigi as there was fog everywhere. I did have lots of walking though
      See you soon
      All my love

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