Luggage – Friday 28th December 2019


Oh the amount of luggage we had to get in the car. Normally when it’s just Mum and me travelling we don’t seem to have that much stuff, even between us. Anyway, with more of us, you just wouldn’t believe the size of the problem. There are things packed in every available space. I thought at one point I was going to have some stuff in my crate with me. I offered to have my food box, but Mum wasn’t fooled by my innocent expression. What did work well was having my travel bed as well as the usually bedding in the crate. I was able to make myself a nice little nest and disregard the surrounding chaos.

Travel pillow

Mum has promised to buy me a travel pillow. The problem is that she just takes a basic piece of vet bed for me to have in hotels. Neither one of us wants to be carrying much in at the end of a long drive. Anyway, I really like a pillow and end up trying to arrange it into a nest and it never quite works. She gave me a cushion from the chair in the hotel the other night, but there wasn’t one I could have last night. She did improvise by letting me use a pile of her clothes but I can see why she doesn’t think that’s ideal. Anyway, she’s promised to look out for a little cushion for me to use in future.

Blood red sky

When we got to our hotel in France the cloud and setting sun looked like a blood red layer cake. It was quite amazing but sadly Mum had left her phone on charge and it’s anybody’s guess where in the car the camera is. We have a roofbox on the car and it was so difficult to close that Mum has said we can’t even try until we get home later. I think the camera is in there but she won’t let me look.



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  1. Enjoy your trip Wilma and look after Dexter. I’m looking forward to seeing you next week.

    Reggie the Border Terror

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