Monday 21st March 2011

Wow, what a day we had yesterday. It was lovely to meet so many Swiss Mountain dogs. There were 7 of us Entlebuchers, 2 Bernese and I don’t know how many Great Swiss mountain dogs. I met the other Alfie Entlebucher and two of his sisters. Several people said how good looking I am, which always goes down well and my Mistress hit her arm on a door and ended up with a rather alarming looking lump. I was also interested to find that the two girls from the last litter that were there didn’t like each other. I felt better about the fact that my sister doesn’t like me. I had been taking it personally, but it seems as though it is a normal sibling rivalry thing. All in all it wasn’t a bad day at all. We made some new friends and got reacquainted with old ones. I was sorry that some of my friends couldn’t make it, but hopefully they will come to the next one.

It was surprising we got up in time at all, given we had a late night on Saturday. I was allowed to help pass the food round to the guests on Saturday. When I say pass round, I mean more in the sense I was allowed to take it from them when they offered it to me. I was good. I had been told to ‘leave’ all the things set out on the table and I did. I may have drooled a bit in their general direction, but I didn’t actually eat any of them.

The other major achievement is that my Mistress has managed to put her poetry book ‘Poems for Life’ onto Amazon for Kindle download. All the money from this one go to charity. She says if I am good I can put my diary on soon. It is almost worth being good for.