Saturday 19th March 2011

Megan is now being used to bring home the bacon, literally. She set off wearing her backpack. It was my backpack, but I never saw the need to wear it and carry anything. She went down the road with my Mistress to the butcher and sat patiently waiting outside. Then my Mistress came out and but some bacon in one side of her pack and some bacon and pork pies in the other side and Megan carried them home. The worrying thing was that she seemed to really enjoy it. My Mistress has said she might even look into getting her a little cart if she would like to try pulling that. She really is turning into a goody-four-paws.

I do maintain that working dogs should be paid at least the minimum wage. I know she is still quite young, but that should not be an excuse for exploitation. Even Andrew, who is only just nine, has negotiated a deal where he will be paid to do work around the house. At the moment Megan is so enjoying what she is doing that she isn’t giving any thought to her retirement planning, or how she is going to pay for any holidays and things she might want. It will be no good her coming running to me when she hasn’t got any money. Mainly that would be because I haven’t got any, but that wasn’t the point I was making!

Tonight King Rat will live again. The pantomime crowd are coming round to watch the DVD and discuss the performance and what they want to do next year. I shall be keeping a low profile and hoping that it doesn’t mean that my Master will be reciting the lines all the way to our Fun Day in the car tomorrow.