Friday 18th March 2011

The girls were full of telling me about their new training course yesterday. It sounds as though it is better structured than the other one they do and that I went to. It was all very well until they started practicing at home and asked me to join in. I could do it if I wanted to. I’ve just never felt being totally submissive is something to be proud of. I suppose if it makes them happy I should be encouraging them. Megan is also being signed up to do working trials. At least that sound more interesting than pure obedience. It’s a shame she won’t get to work with real sheep or cows but that might be a possibility later. I suggested we should borrow our friend’s cows, just to have a go, but my Mistress didn’t think that would be very fair on the cows. I am planning to have ago with the agility equipment that my Mistress has bought for the back garden. Although I think I might select the role of timer while the girls do the running round.

Many of you may remember the Choco Bears. They are a cereal we used to buy in Belgium that James likes. When we left Belgium we bought as many boxes as we could so that he could carry on eating them. Then on a trip later on we restocked. Then a friend helped us restock again and even posted some to us. We ended up with a stored cupboard with 33 boxes of Choco Bears. Sadly, I have to report that the last of the Choco Bears have now been consumed. The cupboard is empty. It has gone the way of the marzipan cupboard, which was another major tragedy in this house. Now we move on to mourning the Choco Bears and wonder, sadly, what will replace them.