Sunday 20th March 2011

You have to worry about my Mistress. There are only two controls on the shower. Left and right changes the temperature. Back and forwards changed the pressure of the water. It isn’t difficult and she has been using the same shower for a year. The other morning the water pressure was on full and she wanted to reduce it. That would involve pushing the lever backwards. However, she wasn’t quite as awake as you might hope and she moved it sharply to the right. That left her standing in a full jet of cold water. At that point she woke up very quickly!

I’m not pointing a paw, but someone has chewed one branch of the new cherry tree. I know it wasn’t me, but it didn’t happen by itself and that branch certainly isn’t going to be doing any growing. I was rather hoping my Mistress wouldn’t notice, but inevitably when there is the remnant of a branch dangling at an odd angle with little strands of wood where a branch belonged, she spotted it quite quickly. We were all sat down and given the discussion about twigs only being able to be chewed when they were dead and we found them on the ground. That was followed by large lumps of wood should not be taken from the woodstore and the willow is supposed to be for willow weaving and not playing with. I was doing fine up to the ‘garden furniture is not for peeing on’. At that point we all looked a little guilty.

I can’t really stop long this morning, I have to get ready for our Fun Day. It will be great to see the puppies now they are grown. Before that I have to face a journey with two mad girls in the book of my Master’s car and two boys fighting on the back seat. I did want to sit between them to break them up, but my Mistress didn’t trust the girls in the book with a bag of cakes. I took her point and offered to have the cakes at my feet but it turns out that she didn’t trust me with them either!