Thursday 17th March 2011

We went to unlock the front door yesterday and there were two ducks standing on the doorstep. I thought they might be waiting to come in by my Mistress thinks they might be looking for somewhere to nest. If I were a duck I would not choose to nest in the garden of a house with three dogs who like to chase ducks. I would try to find a house without dogs of for that matter cats either. I don’t know how intelligent ducks are, but you would think that their basic survival instinct would point them in that general direction. Mind you, these are the same ducks that stop to mate in the middle of single lane roads and leave drivers with the choice of running over them or reversing all the way back. There is a third choice, normally operated by my Mistress and that is to patiently sit and wait until they have finished. I have to say ducks can take a surprisingly long time for that activity!

Megan and Shadow started their new training course last night. This is one where they will actually get qualifications if they perform successfully. It will be interesting to see if they both graduate at the same rate. If they don’t it will be difficult as they have to drive into York to do the course and Shadow doesn’t have any means of transport on her own. They are just hoping that their Swiss trip, when they will miss a week, doesn’t mean that they will fail the course.

Now that the fruit trees have settled in, I think they are fair game to pee on. I’ve only tried the pear tree so far, but I have to say it was a very satisfying feeling. My Mistress says if I persist she will have to put protection round the trees, but that seems a shame.