Thursday 10th March 2011

Not only do I now have many more friends on Facebook than my Mistress, but I have been invited to a first birthday party. I so want to go. I’ve never been invited to a birthday party before but it is a long way from here in a park in London. At least it’s in the same country, but I still don’t think there is any chance of persuading my Mistress to take me. My Mistress’s nephew has decided to give up using Facebook for Lent. I can’t imagine not seeing what was going on with my friends for that long. He says he is doing it so that he can concentrate on his studies which makes it even more impressive. I suppose that given I’m not actually studying anything I don’t have quite the same impetus to give up. I thought I might take up howling for Lent, but I don’t think that would be very popular so I have decided to opt out altogether. To be fair we didn’t get any pancakes, so I feel deprived before we even started. The pub were doing a pancake evening, but as my Mistress can’t eat them, my Master was late home and James was ill, none of us went.

One of the things I’ve said I’ll do while my Mistress is away is design a cover for a book that she wants to sell with Kindle Direct Publishing. It all started when I saw the design she was putting together and said I could do better. As it turns out, I can’t. We need someone who is more artistic to help us. I did think that drawing couldn’t be that difficult but I am having to revise my thinking.  I’m certainly not that good at holding a crayon in my paws. The computer is easier but I think you need some basic skill to go with it and that’s the bit we are missing.