Tuesday 8th March 2011

One minute it feels like spring. The next minute we go back to winter. Don’t you just love being between seasons? You get the repeated feeling of optimism followed by short lived despair. It’s playing havoc with my energy levels, quite apart from moulting everywhere. You lose the hair and then spend several hours wondering if you could get it to go back again to keep you warm. At least we can now believe that spring will come. The green shoots are everywhere. It’s times like this I most appreciate living in the countryside and being able to see the changes everyday. If you live in the city it must be much harder to really revel in the seasons.

My Mistress has been putting the finishing touches to everything ready for Discover Dogs at Crufts. I just hope all the set up goes well as she has worked so hard. I do hope she remembers to take a camera too as I want to see pictures of what I’m missing. The girls have been working on their appearance and making sure they are picture perfect for all the people who will admire them. Megan is frustrated that the fur on her side hasn’t completely grown back from where she and Shadow had a bit of a run in the other week. I said as her fur is quite thick and a bit longer than mine, she might be able to brush it to cover the spot. A bit like men do with hair when they haven’t got much left. She looked quite sad, so I went and got the brush to try and help. It doesn’t really show unless you know where to look and Shadow has said sorry. I do hope they both enjoy the show and I know they will come back and tell me all about it.