Monday 7th March 2011

Megan undertook a little cattle herding yesterday. The only problem was she was trying to herd my Mistress’s sheepskin boots while she was wearing them and when she nipped them to get my Mistress to go where she wanted her to go, she accidentally tore the sheepskin. There is now a very neat, but rather long hole in the foot of the boot. Without sticking it with tape there isn’t a whole lot that can be done and unfortunately the tape has to be on the outside. So now my Mistress has some nice boots with a big piece of silver tape across them. It doesn’t look very trendy. She did wonder if she could start a new fashion, but I’m thinking not.

I’m not sure if I told you that my Master and Mistress each year for their wedding anniversary buy something relevant to the number of years they have been married. Year one was paper and for that they bought some nice paperweights with paper in them. Year two was cotton and they bought a sewing machine and lots of coloured threads. Year three was leather and they bought a cow hide rug, which fortunately Megan has not yet tried to herd. Year four was fruit so they have bought four fruit trees. What could possibly go wrong? Firstly my Mistress only read the size label on one of the trees and that one won’t grow too big. One of the others on the other paw may get just a tiny bit large. She also didn’t check out what needed to pollinate with what. She has come home with a cherry tree that will pollinate itself. Two apple trees which will pollinate each other and a pear tree that on its own will not produce any fruit. I did wonder whether the fact that my Mistress doesn’t like pears might have anything to do with it.