Sunday 6th March 2011

It think I might need to start reading the book my Mistress is reading. She keeps talking about the way we are thinking and I’d like to know how I’m supposed to be thinking for myself. She was telling us about how important to our opinion smell is. I just laughed and explained to her that it was like when nine year old Andrew asks them if they have even heard of something as though a nine year old’s understanding of the world will be greater than that of someone in their forties. She got the point I was making and went quiet. I felt a bit mean after that so I started explaining myself to her to cheer her up. I was telling her that apart from her the other person in the whole world that I absolutely adore is her mother. It’s because they have a similar smell. Granny reminds me of my Mistress and no matter how long it is since I last saw her, I’m always delighted to be able to snuggle up to her. To be fair to my Mistress she does understand, because she says that when she snuggle sup to me and can smell me then she starts to relax too. The book talks about dogs relating to the smell of someone with a similar energy level. That made me laugh. I’m lazy, so what does that make my Mistress?

At last the promised fruit trees are being installed. More to the point they are being planted. I can only see upsides to this. Firstly there are more sticks to pee on and you can never underestimate the importance of that to a dog. Secondly, they will grow fruit and I can eat it. Finally, it gives us another point of interest in the garden to run round madly. I see that as a win:win situation.