Thursday 3rd March 2011

Megan is not my Mistress’s favourite person right now. She ate something that disagreed with her and was up all night being sick. My Master is away and my Mistress thought she could have a nice quiet night with no snoring and the whole bed to herself and instead she sat up half the night taking care of Megan. She’s a bit subdued now, but then so is Megan! It’s going to be a quiet day. Although on the positive side, we might all go back to bed this afternoon. I’m just hoping it might mean a day when the girls don’t fight with each other. My Mistress is even starting to have nightmares about them fighting and has bought a book to try to learn how to stop them.

Sadly, I think my Mistress has reached the conclusion that I cannot go on the car club weekend with her. Most of the venues either don’t take dogs or are ones I wouldn’t enjoy. She is worried about me having to sit in the car in the summer. I said that given the roof of her car has so many gaps where it should join, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, she said she wasn’t happy with it. I suppose it would be easier if I would agree to go on the boat trip, but there’s water involved and we all know what I think about water. I said I was more than happy to go to the wildlife park, but apparently the wildlife would be less happy about it. She says she is still thinking about it, but I can tell the answer is going to be no. It isn’t that she doesn’t want me to go. I know that. She would be much happier with me there, but just can’t see how to make it work.