Wednesday 2nd March 2011

I can’t believe it is already March. So many things are happening in the next few weeks. The girls are going to Crufts, which is the big dog show in England. They aren’t in the show itself, but you wouldn’t think that from how concerned about their appearances they have become. To be fair to Megan, she is worried as to whether her hair will grow back from her last fight with Shadow. They will be representing our breed on a Discover Dogs stand. I would like to be going too, but my Mistress can’t manage all of us at once. We do all get to go to the Entlebucher Fun Day the following week though and then it won’t be long until the girls trip to Switzerland. I said to Shadow she really had better be nice to Megan then as otherwise I think Megan’s mum might have something to say about it.

Now that the weather is improving I think my Mistress is planning to get the summerhouse up and running again. I’m not sure that she is quite ready to move the keyboard down there yet, but I think she might go down with the vacuum cleaner and a duster and get it looking beautiful. She has only got round to planting one of the four flower boxes and even that is still looking very unlikely to flower. She says it is too early, but that isn’t stopping the snowdrops in the lawn. We have an exercise to undertake to clean out the water feature too. The water doesn’t smell very nice so I am not volunteering for that one. I think my Mistress is planning to wear some long gloves and a mask when she does it. Ah the joys of summer. On a more positive note there appear to be little buds coming through everywhere and I can really start to believe that one day the sun is going to shine again.