Friday 4th March 2011

It really is very complicated trying to work out which dogs the girls can mate with. I feel quite exhausted from trying to help. Of course, you have to start by making sure they aren’t too closely related, but that is only the beginning. You then need to look at all their health tests to see if they are a good match. For that you have to look at a special eye test, their hips and something called ectopic ureter. The only problem is that Shadow hasn’t had her ectopic ureter test yet, so we can only guess. Fortunately, her eyes are good, which means that in that regard any boy will do, but her hips are in the lower end of the middle, so a boy with good hips would be preferable. That is before you even ask the boy if he is interested and whether he will be free at the right time. Humans, strays and mongrels just don’t know how easy they have it.

One thing that did alarm me is that as my mother has a cataract she has suggested I should go for annual testing. I thought as I wasn’t going to be having puppies I had escaped from all that. Quite honestly, from how Shadow described the test she had I wasn’t awfully keen to try it. I’ll speak to our vet when I see her.

I have at last worked out how to put a Twitter link onto the front page of my blog and to get my Mistress to put it on her website. I haven’t gone ‘viral’ yet, but then I don’t often think of good things to say. I was aiming for 100 followers by the end of last year, but I’ve only got 58 so far. It is increasing, but I think British Gas may still be following me as I criticised them last year. In their case it is more a question of stalking than following. At least, that is how it feels when they are simply watching in case you talk about them!