Friday 30th October 2009

I’ve been thinking about the postal strikes. The one this week took my Mistress by surprise and she posted some important papers the day before, which probably means they are now in a big pile somewhere. There’s got to be a better way of organising things that still gives the whole country a decent postal service. I was wondering if dogs could be trained to deliver the mail in rural areas. Obviously it would be a whole reversal to that biting the postman thing and there may be a bit of difficulty for some dogs reading addresses, but I’m sure in time a way round it could be found. I might offer to help Brian as a starting point. We could at the very least carry the sacks of mail to save the postman having to take such heavy weights. We could pull little carts piled high with parcels, although I may be bidding for Rudolph’s job here and I wouldn’t like to cause any upset. Now there’s a thought. There’s no post on Christmas Day is there? In which case, why can’t Rudolph and his mates spend the rest of the year delivering the post? If you think about how quickly they are able to get round the whole world, then a few rural areas aren’t going to pose much of a problem are they?

It has been interesting dealing with the different Kennel Clubs trying to get our breed club recognised. The Welsh Kennel Club didn’t even know that our breed had been recognised on the import register by the English Kennel Club. It seems there are places we can still maintain complete anonymity, should we wish to do so. One of Shadow’s brothers lives in Wales, I think he should got to see them and make himself known!