Saturday 31st October 2009

Don’t get me started on the dogist society we live in. Why couldn’t we be the signatories on our own club bank account? Why does it have to be humans? Oh you might scoff. You might say things like ‘how could they tell our paw prints apart?’ But how exactly is it different to the days when human beings marked a cross and someone who could write witnessed it as being the mark of the person who did it? I think our account should have been set up with me and Guapo as the signatories and our owners to be the ones who witnessed our marks. It’s degrading to have humans doing everything for us. It isn’t even as though I have taken out an enduring power of attorney to give them the right to administer things on my behalf. The levels of inequality prevalent in society today are a disgrace.

Over the years, people have fought for equality before the law, but it only goes so far. Two paws good, four paws bad and all that. We are viewed as lesser citizens just because we walk on four legs and have no opposable thumbs. Although to be fair, I don’t see rights being given to monkeys either so we are not alone in our struggle. This is the twenty-first century. It’s time to put your prejudices and your superiority away and embrace the change that’s needed to put your best friends on an equal footing. Whilst we’re at it, please could you sort out the inside toilets for us? Look at the positives. If we had an inside toilet you wouldn’t have to keep getting up every time you’d got comfortable and you wouldn’t have endless mud and drafts through the house. It can only be a good thing.