Thursday 29th October 2009

I spoke a few hours too early yesterday. The unseasonably good weather arrived mid-morning and how pleasant it was. I immediately made the most of it by going outside and barking at the world. My Mistress said she’d like to come out to play but seemed to have rather a lot of paperwork to get through. I couldn’t complain too much as a lot of it did seem to be to do with our dog breed club. There were loads of very official pieces of paper around with The Kennel Club logo on them. I left her to it. Although Shadow tried to lend a paw by finishing eating the rest of the Black Sheep Brewery catalogue that she’d been in trouble for starting on last week. I’m wondering whether that one might have smelt and tasted of beer and that on this occasion she might have had a good excuse.

I’ve been contemplating the idea that my Mistress should make some of the curtains for the new house. I can’t see it happening. I base my findings on the new jeans she bought a few weeks ago and is wearing with the bottoms rolled up as she can’t be bothered to turn them up. Now if it’s too much trouble to shorten the legs on one pair of trousers, I can’t see her making a whole house worth of curtains. She needs to get a quote for the decorating and I’m just waiting for her to suggest that she is going to take that on as well. I’d offer to help but I can’t even reach the ceilings while standing on a ladder and I’m not awfully steady on two paws. I’m better at ground level with the brush strapped to my tail.