Monday 26th October 2009

Now that the clocks have changed, it really feels as though winter is on the way. I said to my Mistress, “What we need is an open fire.” Well it just so happens that she has a meeting today to discuss the fireplace for the lounge of the new house. She has assured me that it will be an open fire and that I will be able to stretch out in front of it. Although what she hasn’t said is that she’ll also light the fire for me. It’s a bit pointless to lie in front of a cold pile of logs.

I’m getting a bit worried about the Halloween party we’re going to on Saturday. It’s with some Great Swiss Mountain dogs. Now whilst they are as soft and docile as is possible to be, they are also very big and I can imagine dressed up for Halloween, could be very scary. Shadow asked if I would look after her and of course I said ‘yes’ but at the same time I wondered who was going to be looking after me.

More worrying is the thought that it is now less than two months to Christmas. My Mistress has already started her preparations by keeping a pile of catalogues with things in them that might be suitable as presents. There is only one small problem. Shadow has taken it upon herself to eat several of the catalogues. My Mistress is not left with the general idea but not the specific pages. I fear this might result in people receiving completely unsuitable presents. I did remind my Mistress that it is my birthday long before Christmas and there are one or two things I’ve been hoping she might buy for me. The sad bit is that some of them were available in Belgium but are much harder to find here. I miss my supermarket, Hubo. They sold some good things for dogs. I also miss the toy shop next door and all the wonderful Miffy toys they sold.