Tuesday 27th October 2009

Now sat-nav is a great invention and in the hands of intelligent animals it can be most helpful. I’ve commented before about what happens when you put it into the hands of humans, but recently there has been another example of how ridiculous things can get. An Asda food delivery van ended up on a three foot footpath stuck in the trees because the driver believed the sat-nav rather than his own senses, presuming he had some. Fortunately, he was rescued by the RAC after an hour, but you can bet the shopping was late that day.

One of the great things about autumn is that the leaves fall off the hedge and give me a better view of the world passing by outside. On the upside, I bark more, although my Mistress would say that is a downside. On the downside I seem to have worn a line of mud out of the grass along the fence and even I can see that is a problem. My Mistress is worrying about repairing it before we move out. I am more concerned about getting it under my nails and on the white bits of my fur. At least Shadow hasn’t done any digging for a while. It might even be worth my Mistress filling in the remaining holes in the garden, although it might still be a little premature.

It isn’t fair. As children grow up, they are allowed to go off and get the train on their own to visit friends in other parts of the country. I’ve got friends in other parts of the country and I’m not allowed to go off and visit. I might only be nearly four in human terms but in dog terms I am now very much an adult at nearly twenty-eight. Admittedly I don’t fancy paying full fare, but it would be nice to have the opportunity.