Sunday 25th October 2009

I have a complaint to make on behalf of the dogs of the household. Last night, James had a sleepover with some of his friends. Why aren’t we allowed to have our dog friends to stay? I think it’s time that my Mistress considered allowing all our dog friends to stay here when their owners need a break. You can just imagine the bedlam. I suppose it would be difficult if we all had different household codes, but ours is about as dog friendly as they get. They might get in trouble when they went home and still climbed on the sofa, but we could have great fun while they were here.

It was very strange on Friday night. I won’t go into all the detail of why we had emailed a clinic in Switzerland, but suffice it to say that it is all to do with the health of me and my fellow Entlebuchers. Anyway, to cut a long story to a more acceptable length, one of our friends emailed and asked if we’d heard back from them, which we hadn’t. They were offering to help by ringing, as they speak German and we don’t and then it was as though the very thought of it all prompted action in Switzerland and within half an hour we had received a reply, which was thankfully written in English.

My Mistress has been measuring up for curtains for the new house. It is only now  that she has realised just how expensive curtains are. If she wants some made out of really nice material, she is thinking that the only option is to make them herself, but that will be a lot of work. I offered to help, but my dexterity leaves something to be desired and I’m pretty hopeless with scissors, although I can press the pedal of the sewing machine.