Sunday 11th October 2009

It’s a shocking thought that it’s only just over a month until my fourth birthday. I don’t suppose for a minute that my Master will be celebrating as whenever anyone asks him how old I am, he still seems to think I’m 21/2. Well I was, 11/2 years ago! I am now very firmly an adult. I’m past the wild days of my youth. Not that they ever were very wild and I have progressed into a more thoughtful phase. In human terms I am getting on for thirty and am wondering about having a big party to celebrate. Obviously I still have a little way to go to be as old as my owners, but I’m working on it.

Shadow was weighed when she went to the vet the other day. She is now 21.5 kg and probably won’t grow a great deal more. This means she will remain the petite, pretty little thing that she is, although hopefully as she grows up she will become a little less lively. At the moment you would think she was on springs, the way she tries to jump into people’s arms. With that weight they think twice about actually catching her.

Well I can’t stay long as my little car is waiting for me and we have to drive to the meeting point. You have to be there to appreciate what fun it is to drive in a convoy of cute little cars, waving to people as you go past. The waving is my job, that and reading the map, but I’m not so good at that. I’m just hoping it’s a fairly easy route, otherwise we could be getting a bit lost. The great thing when you lead a convoy, if you get lost then you do it in the company of a load of other cars and they all have to find somewhere safe to turn round.