Saturday 10th October 2009

I’ve just been looking at a map of Yorkshire in preparation for being my Mistress’s navigator on a trip to the Black Sheep Brewery on Sunday. Anyway, It’s not the brewery that made me stop and think. It turns out that there’s actually a place called Glasshouses. Do you think it was originally them that had a problem with people throwing stones that gave rise to the saying that ‘people in Glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones’? It’s a shame that a whole village has got itself a bad name for such acts of vandalism. Of course the saying would have been less meaningful if it had people in Birmingham for example.

The trip on Sunday is in the Barchetta and I’m delighted to say that for once my Mistress has said I can go in my rightful place and sit alongside her in the car. Shadow is going too but she has to travel in the BMW. I didn’t like to gloat too much but as I pointed out to her, it is my car. Not that having a car with a flat battery is much to boast about. My Mistress has been trying to get the battery to charge, but it’s just possible it might be faulty, which is going to be a big problem all things considered. It really isn’t the same to take an Alfa Romeo on a Fiat Barchetta car meeting.

Yesterday was very annoying, at least for my Mistress. She woke up with a really bad headache on the morning that the RAF was doing low flying over our house. It’s no fun having a headache and having planes buzzing you all morning. It was a passing out ceremony or something similar at the local RAF base. There are disadvantages of being so close to an airbase.