Monday 12th October 2009

Well yesterday was just about as much fun as a dog can legally have. For a start I get to pretend that I’m the driver, as I’m sitting on the right of the car (it’s left hand drive). That means I get to freak out lots of other cars that think they’ve just seen a dog driving a car. Then there are the people who wave to you and quite apart from that there is the feeling of your ears flapping back in the wind. I felt sorry for Shadow, well a little bit anyway. She only got to be the passenger in a normal car, although she did get to sit in the driving seat next to me while the others went round the brewery. It’s a shame that dogs can’t go on brewery tours as that would have made the day close to perfect. I’m now looking forward to my outing next month, which will end up with a pub lunch.

The first clown to go into space has just returned. Some Canadian circus bloke has been up as a space tourist as part of some show to highlight water shortages in parts of the World. Now this is all very well, but how did he manage with a clowns shoes and trousers over his space suit? You really think there might have been better members of the circus to go up. A trapeze artist might cope better with weightlessness and it would be interesting to experiment with whether it is possible to breathe fire in space. I’m guessing with the lack of oxygen that one might be quite a challenge. I suppose a clown could develop quite a comical routine with the advantages of a lack of gravity, but I’m sure that at the same time he could prove very annoying to the real crew of the spacecraft.