Saturday 28th October 2006

The PDDP should campaign for every car to have a built in dog ramp. At least they should be compulsory on every car that involves climbing more than a certain number of centimetres to get in. Now that the weather has cooled down I get the choice when my mistress goes out of either going with her in the car or staying home on my own. Apparently in hot weather it would have been dangerous to leave me in the car, although with the number of gaps in the roof of my mistress’s car, even when the roof is up, I suspect it would be a relatively low risk!

Anyway back to the original point. When we are in her car it is easy, one hop and I’m in. In exchange I get a very bumpy ride, close to the ground. However if we are in my master’s car I do get a nice soft ride but I have a bit of a problem climbing in. It is hard to do it in two hops as the seat doesn’t give room to jump on the floor very easily and when I try and jump straight onto the seat my towel tends to slip and I end up in a bit of a heap. There is a special doggy ramp in a catalogue but it is quite expensive so I am thinking of borrowing my master’s power tools and making my own. I wonder if he will mind my using the drill? I can’t see it would be useful for what I need to make but it has always looked fun and he clearly enjoys playing working with it. I don’t think he has got an electric saw, perhaps I should suggest we have a little trip to the DIY store. However, as I was saying this whole problem would disappear if car manufacturers took on board the needs of dogs.