Friday 27th October 2006

I may have been omitting to mention that I managed to slip out of my new ‘Halti’ lead. I got all very excited when I saw another dog and well there you have it. I had been pretending that it stayed on my nose ok, whilst all along I had worked out how to get my head out of it. Unfortunately my master and mistress were one step ahead of me and had secured it to my collar so although I could bark a lot and cause mayhem I still couldn’t get away.

Well we may not have the perfect slogan yet but we do have a logo for the PDDP. It’s a large paw print. My woodland friends have heard about it and wondered if it was for them too. I haven’t really seen much of them over the last few months I was almost thinking all those adventures had been in my imagination, I hear it is not all that uncommon when you are younger to have imaginary friends. The problem now looking back at early puppyhood is what was real and what was imagined all gets a bit blurred. You can actually convince yourself that something imaginary was completely real, my mistress seems to manage it nearly all the time. My master asked her this morning to explain how the wireless connection on his laptop worked and she said ‘That’s easy. There is a little imp sitting in your machine that shouts to an imp sitting the other end of the connection and they send the information that way. Imp shouting is of course not in a human’s hearing range.’ My master asked why it didn’t always work and apparently that is when one of the Imps has a cold and either has a croaky voice or has bunged up ears and they can’t communicate so easily. You would never guess that in the real world she spends some of her time working with computers!