Sunday 22nd October 2006

I didn’t get taken to Gent. I have been there anyway so I didn’t really mind. Well not that much. I stayed at home contemplating my behaviour or so I told my mistress. In reality I was thinking about being a wolf in a pet dog’s clothing and wondering how scary I could make myself for Halloween. All the children round here are going ‘trick or treating’ and they will be calling at our house. I thought it might be fun to turn the tables and scare them witless when my mistress opens the door. I was thinking about making a ‘ghost wolf’ costume and perfecting my howl, then maybe making a pumpkin lantern and using the light of it to project really scary wolf shadows. If my mistress gets to find the plan I will probably get shut out of the way so I don’t really frighten the younger ones but what is the point of them coming to try and scare me if I can’t scare them back?

I do however need my mistress to buy the pumpkin unless I steal Matilda’s that is sitting outside of next door. I didn’t think cats were into all that sort of thing I thought they would consider it below them.

Being grounded was not the worst result of my misbehaviour. To be quite honest the good thing about my harness was that if I wanted to go in a different direction to the person holding my lead, I could really throw my weight into it. I have very well developed shoulder and chest muscles, I’m quite proud of them. Now to have the same effect I will have to develop my nose muscles as I have a new lead that goes round my nose. Annoyingly it works, I can’t pull against it. The best I can do is sit down and refuse to move but then I lose out.