Monday 23rd October 2006

I am not keen on this new ‘Halti’ I have to wear to go for a walk. All the fun has gone out of being able to win the battle of what direction we go in. Yesterday morning I just plonked my bottom firmly on the ground and refused to budge. My mistress cheated, she went off without me. I was so torn. Should I go running off after her and give in to the new device or stay sat on the floor by my master and potentially let her out of my sight, and worse, miss my walk. She won. I trotted on like the good puppy I am and despite another little paddy further along I don’t seem to have convinced them that this new way of walking me is a bad idea. Perhaps I will try today when my mistress is trying to walk me on my own.

Granny and Grandad have now gone back, which is a shame. I was just getting them trained. We took them to the Brussels Midi Station to catch the Eurostar. Where other than Belgium would they close off the main approach road to a station for a Sunday market? There are hundreds of roads in front of the European Parliament buildings or the embassies where no one seems to need to go on a Sunday or there is the one that needs 24 hour access, 365 days a year. Now which one shall we close? Let me see! It is only a month today until my first trip to England, I am starting to get quite excited. I am also a little apprehensive. What if they don’t let me in? What if my mistress goes and leaves me behind? Well it could happen. She has said she wouldn’t dream of leaving me if they were to refuse me entrance for some reason but you just don’t know.