Saturday 21st October 2006

Do humans really think that dogs can’t spell? I write a diary for heavens sake and yet my mistress still says things like ‘We will be going for a W.A.L.K. in about half an hour’ to my grandparents in the vain hope that I will not get excited immediately. Firstly I can spell and secondly I can get excited for no apparent reason, I really don’t need the prospect of a walk for that. Sometimes my exuberance has unforeseen consequences. Yesterday Granny had dozed off in the chair when I suddenly thought wouldn’t it be fun to play tug with my rope, and who better to pull the other end than Granny. My mistress is less willing to play and Grandad was busy reading a book, so Granny was the obvious choice. So I ran up to her with the rope and launched myself at her. Well I Can see now that being woken like that might come as a bit of a surprise and make someone less keen to play. I gave my most appealing look and nuzzled her a bit and she soon gave in. I shall be sorry when she goes home, she makes a great playmate. My master is going to be particularly sad when she goes home too as she has done all the ironing which is his main job in the house. Having said that Grandad has planted his Yucca plant for him as well so I think they would both be very welcome to stay longer. They are all off to Gent today and I’m not sure yet whether I am invited. I misbehaved a bit on my walk yesterday so I may just be a tiny bit grounded. It wasn’t really my fault, other than in an ‘I was totally out of control’ sort of way. I met a bloodhound and got extremely over excited. After that I would do absolutely nothing I was told and was pulling really badly. To be quite honest I don’t know what came over me but in my defence I am still a puppy.