Thursday 19th October 2006

I don’t think my mistress has quite got the hang of youth culture. She got a text from James in response to one she sent saying ‘Hus dis’ so pronouncing it exactly as it was written she asked what it meant. To be fair even I didn’t get that that translated as ‘Who is this?’ so maybe I am just not a cool sort of a dog after all.

Well it is fun having my grandparents here but they don’t play as much as either children or other dogs. It’s funny really, we went for a walk in ‘my woods’ and they thought they were showing me things like the squirrels running round the tree. I know they are there I have to share the acorns with them. I still think it is the squirrels throwing the acorns at me as I walk underneath their trees. My mistress says they fall on their own but that all seems a bit ridiculous to me, you would have thought having taken the trouble to spend all summer growing they could at least have learnt how to keep their balance.

I had a note from Chloe. She has heard about the PDDP and things it’s silly. Perhaps she should take more interest in politics it affects her life as much as anyone else’s. I couldn’t bring myself to reply to her, to be honest I was a bit upset. I have been thinking we ought to have a logo and maybe a slogan but all I have come up with so far is ‘Best friends not subordinates’ and although it sums it all up it is a bit short on the ‘snappy’ front. Maybe something like, ‘Never mind Christmas a dog needs rights’ would be a bit more punchy.