Wednesday 18th October 2006

It was going to happen sooner or later. My master missed his plane yesterday. It didn’t matter that we pointed out to him that he wasn’t leaving the house early enough to catch it and he really ought to go a little bit sooner, oh no! In fairness, from what I hear flying isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of getting excited about going to an airport. Now you have to be prepared to be treated as a criminal and strip searched before they even let you near the aircraft. Ok, strip searched may be an exaggeration but coat, scarf, belt and shoes can feel a bit like that when you are at security. My mistress is threatening to take all her clothes off next time just to see what reaction she gets. She is also wondering if she would still set off the buzzer that seems to go off for entirely random reasons. Given the regularity of her travel the biggest shame is that she has actually totally gone off flying. She blames a flight a couple of weeks ago that was more like a fairground rollercoaster but in truth that may just be her excuse. So I guess she may have to get used to using the train more, at least she can read to me whilst we go along if we are on a train. It turns out that in fact my master was lucky to get to the airport at all; his taxi set off with him in it just before the taxi firm decided to go on strike. It is a good job that the driver didn’t go on strike with him in the car really, that could all have got very awkward.

My grandparents are brilliant. They are spoiling me so much. Whenever I want some love I can have it, so that is pretty much 24 hours a day. I did ask if I could sleep in their room last night but my mistress drew the line at that. It was only because the central heating had broken again and I thought they might like me to snuggle up and keep them warm, but then the man came and fixed it so I didn’t need to help.