Saturday 7th October 2006

I am now without my stitches. It wasn’t quite as straightforward as everyone had made out and I was a wimp. There were only two that needed removing and between them my master and mistress rolled me over and I wriggled and wriggled so much that my mistress couldn’t get near enough and my master lost patience. My mistress got cross with my master and he got equally cross so I felt a bit sheepish and when they came to try again I co-operated a bit more. Well as it turned out I might as well have co-operated the first time as my mistress realised they were slightly infected and promptly called the vet. It explains why I have been so sleepy the last couple of days, I just put it down to the change in the weather. Anyway off I went to the vet and he removed them with me standing on my back legs with my front paws on my mistress’s shoulders. I did try to cover my eyes with my paws and feigned pain to get some sympathy but actually it didn’t really hurt at all. In fairness it is a lot easier to get sympathy out of my master in those circumstances than it is out of my mistress but unfortunately my mistress took me to the vet. My internal stitches will dissolve on their own, which is a good job as there are certain parts of my anatomy that I really don’t want my mistress removing stitches from!

Modern houses in the Western World have inside toilets. Houses with outside toilets are thought to be in some way sub-standard. So why is it that even when it is raining I am expected to go outside when I need to go to the toilet? I think I should start campaigning for improved housing for dogs and an end to these near slum conditions!