Wednesday 4th October 2006

So this is autumn. It is windy, wet and much darker. There have been some thunder storms which means that my mistress is reluctant to take me into the woods and she doesn’t seem too keen when it is dark either. The best bit is when it is windy and her hair goes everywhere and she comes back looking like a scarecrow. To be fair there are days she goes out looking like a scarecrow too but that is another story! One real downside of the ground now being wet is that the moles are finding it much easier to dig. There are little mole hills everywhere both inside and outside our garden. I get the impression for every mole that is removed from our garden there are four more waiting to take its place. I think the problem is here to stay and the worst of it is that until it is sorted I don’t get the freedom to run around and play in my own garden, which isn’t fair. The moles have stolen my garden.

Quite apart from laughing at my mistress, which is fun in itself, the other advantages of the windy weather are that there are thousands of acorns on the ground. Going for a walk is a feast of acorns. I can stop wherever I want and have a light snack and with the puddles there is even a drink to wash it down. I tried to get my mistress to bring a basket and gather them up to take them home for me but I am making no progress on that front. There are also lots of little branches that have come off the trees. I have offered to carry a few of those back if my mistress will bring the acorns so that my master can use them as kindling for the fire. I am looking forward to be able to run round with them in my mouth and get my mistress to throw them for me to bring back once I am allowed off my lead again.