Monday 2nd October 2006

Why when anyone visits Belgium do they want to go to Bruges? From a dog’s perspective it is pretty much the same as many other places. We went to Gent on Saturday and it was the first time I had been there, so when they suggested going to Bruges the next day I said “Well to be honest won’t it be very much like this all over again?” In fairness my mistress took the point and agreed it probably would. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it. I got a bit over excited in the afternoon with all the people and so many other dogs, but apart from that it wasn’t bad. I thought by putting them off going to Bruges we might get to go the park or somewhere else I would enjoy. Sadly my plan backfired. They didn’t go to Bruges, they went to the zoo instead and left me at home. My mistress thought I might appreciate a bit of quiet and a rest. What I really wanted was a bit of excitement and something different. It just goes to show I need to be more cunning in my planning and learn to engineer a situation better. I think what I should have done was said something like ‘Given how nice the weather is it would probably be really good at the beach.’

My mistress is trying to find out what the different parties stand for in our election next week. She has a vote but doesn’t know who to vote for. She has found out about some she doesn’t want to vote for but not ones she does. She also has no idea how she is supposed to vote in Belgium. She was laughing about all the things you take for granted in your home country and then don’t understand when you are somewhere else. It might help if she had made a bit more progress learning the language, but then who am I to talk?