Sunday 1st October 2006

Apparently we need a chimney sweep to come before we start using the fire for the winter. I did say I thought James might fit up the chimney when he next comes to stay or failing that I was sure that Andy would. I was only joking but apparently that is what used to happen. Children actually got sent up to clean chimneys. I don’t think dogs were but it has certainly got me worried.

It’s hard to believe it is already October and I can now say it’s my birthday next month. I can also say I am going to England next month which is almost as exciting. I still haven’t got any ideas of what places I would like to visit, although my mistress says she wants to take me to her favourite place in the whole of England. It is a place called Bradgate Park and she seems to think that trees and deer are exciting. I pointed out we can stay at home in Belgium and see those but she didn’t see it in quite the same fashion.

My master is away so I am stuck in a female dominated household, which from my perspective is never a good thing. On the bright side it is kept tidy and I am spoilt, so it can’t be all bad. What isn’t so good is the sort of films that get watched. What’s with all the sentimental stuff? Why not have a bit of action? Then my master says he wonders why I miss him so much! Of course when it is just me and my master I am less spoilt and the meals aren’t so good, so all in all I do prefer them both being around on balance. Whilst men and women are really very different and struggle to understand each other, from a dog’s point of view life is a lot more balanced when you get a mix of both types of human!