Saturday 30th September 2006

Well I seem more myself again. So much so that I have now been to have a proper look at the estate to see what happened whilst I was away. I have to say it isn’t good news. On the bright side it does appear that the pool is now fully repaired and would be usable if my master and mistress had not concluded the weather would inevitably be bad by this time of year and closed it up. In fact the weather is still better than it was in August but as I don’t fancy swimming it isn’t a problem for me. The bad news involved our ‘friends’ the moles. They really have taken over the whole place. It would be unfair to describe it as a garden anymore it is more one big mole hole divided into many smaller mole holes. The worst of it is I am not being allowed to run freely in the garden as my mistress has not yet found out what exactly has been put down. It is so undignified walking round your own garden on a lead. I am allowed in the kitchen garden which has a view of the public footpath so all is not lost, but there is little chance of chasing my tail madly and barking wildly for apparently no reason. From observation whilst going for a walk I don’t think the problem is going to be solved any time soon either. All I can think is that it has been a particularly good year for mole breeding and they have seriously increased their numbers, in this part of the wood anyway. All along the path we go for walks, there are mile hills. I really do mean all along! Last year there were some but they seemed to cover a much smaller area, this year I think they are trying to undermine the whole wood.