Thursday 29th December 2016 – A sunny walk

Yesterday was one of those days when you really have your tail up when you’re walking. We went for a good long walk in the sunshine. There was even ice in my drinks from the puddles. The manure was tinged with frost and there were fields of sheep to bark at. Shadow was really annoying because she wanted to walk right by Mum’s side. In the end I let her and kept running off ahead to make sure I found all the exciting things first. At least I wasn’t the one who got into trouble for leaving loads of muddy paw prints all over Mum’s clean trousers, which to be honest makes a change! I could have walked much further, but Shadow’s no puppy anymore and she finds if she goes too far her hip starts aching.

I was less impressed that the humans went out for afternoon tea without me afterwards. I think I could behave with refined manners if it meant going to somewhere really fancy. I don’t have to drink from a bowl, I can lap from a cup or a glass as well as the next dog. I’ll eat from a plate too, although the cutlery is more of a problem and I can sit up nicely on a dining chair. I do think sometimes that human’s prejudices are a little unreasonable. I even clean up all my own crumbs… and everyone else’s… for the whole restaurant if needs be. However, I had to stay home and twiddle my paws and look after Andy, who for some odd reason didn’t fancy the idea of a refined tea.

Today we’re having a more normal day, which is good as I know how they work. I like our office days when I can sit near Mum’s feet while she works and then we have our lovely cuddles and walks.

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