Wednesday 28th December 2016 – Morning snuggles

Mum and I had an awesome lie in yesterday morning. Normally we get up quite early, but for once we were both happy to stay in bed until nine. I think I’d like to do that every day, but she says that isn’t practical. I had made her get up to take me out at six and then again when I felt peckish and wanted breakfast at seven-thirty, but I let her go back to bed each time. She said something about it would have been better if I could have resisted disturbing her at all, but I’m sure she didn’t mean that.

We had a lovely walk too. It was much nicer now the wind has died down. It was great showing Mum’s friend the airfield we walk on. It was funny, because we often ring Mum’s friend when we’re walking around the airfield so it was kind of nice to show her what it’s like instead of having to describe it to her. They said something about going to Betty’s tearoom for lunch tomorrow, but I don’t think I’m included in that. It’s a shame as Shadow and I would quite like it from what they’ve said. I don’t think Aristotle would know which cutlery to use, but I’m willing to give it a go. At least afterwards they are likely to need a long walk to walk it all off, so I guess I win in the end.

Heidi is home from hospital but has to go back for a check up today. Poor little Heidi, they’ve had to shave so much of her fur away. She’s going to be very cold when she can go out for walks again. She’s having to rest at the moment, but hopefully she will be allowed to walk again soon.

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