Friday 30th December 2016 – Mickey’s Unhappy Christmas

Oh dear. It has been an unhappy Christmas for the house’s mouse population. Mum checks the traps in the loft every couple of weeks and yesterday she found Mickey with his legs in the air having met his last going for the Christmas chocolate. She hates having to do it, but sadly if they chewed through the cables the consequences could be far worse. She’s hoping it will be a lesson to any other little mice who were thinking of moving in for the winter and that maybe they will move in somewhere else instead. To be honest with Shadow around I’m impressed that any were brave enough to move in in the first place. I guess they know the route to the loft without coming through the main part of the house, otherwise they’d be taking their lives in their paws long  before negotiating the chocolate laden traps. Mum did wonder if attaching traps to it might help her to resist the chocolate in the house as well.

It was freezing fog here all day yesterday which made the humans moan, but meant I could have great fun running around and seeing if I could get far enough away for Shadow not to see me before I came back and pounced on her. She got pretty cross after a while. She doesn’t really like being pounced on. She’s passed the age of just doing it back to me and now snarls at me instead, which isn’t at all friendly, but Mum says is understandable all things considered! It would have been better walking with Aristotle he wouldn’t have minded me pouncing on him nearly so much. I wondered if I should make not pouncing one of my new year’s resolutions, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet. I’m still at an age where pouncing sort of creeps up on me and I just have to do it.



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