Tuesday 27th December 2016 – Mad House


Yesterday was a little strange in our house. I know you’re probably thinking that from the things we say every day is a little strange, but yesterday was even more odd. For his birthday Dad got this odd speaker that connects to the internet and which is voice activated. Anyway, sadly it doesn’t respond to my bark, but the humans were having great fun seeing what it would do and what it wouldn’t do. It got really funny when it didn’t think we lived in Yorkshire and was giving answers for a completely different place. Dad’s excited because he can add things to the shopping list just by telling it to. Mum says she’ll just take them all off again. Then one of them would ask it to play some music and the other one would tell it to stop. In the end it didn’t seem to be taking any notice of anything Mum was saying and Dad found it very funny and was just laughing all the time. I’m sure it will be useful for something but I find it hard to see what it might be.

My grandparents gave Mum some DVDs for Christmas. They have all their old home movies on them. I was watching pictures of Mum when she was even younger than I am, which is a very long time ago. Mum was getting quite emotional seeing her own grandparents and aunts and uncles. I did my best to help by cuddling up to her, which she seemed to appreciate. I think she’s going to try to run them on the computer so she can freeze some of the images and capture copies of them.

We’re hoping today won’t be as windy as it was yesterday. I’m hoping we’ll be going for a really long walk.

Have a great day


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