Wednesday 20th April 2016 – Nearly home

It was sad leaving Switzerland yesterday. We all wanted to stay longer and Mum was already trying to work out how soon we could fit in another trip. Thankfully the journey was good one so although we had to drive 450 miles it didn’t take as long in the car as it might have done. It’s not too bad sitting in the back with Shadow for company and although I was ready for another walk up a mountain Mum said her legs weren’t up to it and would appreciate the rest. She actually said something like she was never walking up another mountain again, ever – but I really can’t think she can mean that, not when she has four mountain dogs for company!

Today is the last leg home and we have to stop at the shopping centre on the way to buy Dad’s favourite beer. I don’t know how many bottles we can get in the car as it seems pretty full already. I’m just looking forward to getting home now to familiar surroundings and where I can climb on the settee and the bed without being told off. That is the worst part about travelling for us, we have to follow a different set of rules and it can get confusing. Shadow has had enough of staying in different places every night and is starting to get a bit jumpy. She starts barking at people when it’s like that, but nothing too bad so far. There was a man she barked at and then a bus. I really didn’t get why she barked at the bus! I barked when it came to teatime and Mum hadn’t fed me. She said she was getting me back used to the time I’d eat at home, but I think she had just forgotten me. I made sure she remembered, so that was ok.

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