Wednesday 6th April 2016 – Feeling like a pincushion

Well I’m home again. Our Mistress picked me up about 3pm yesterday and then had to help me into the car as I was falling all over the place after my anaesthetic. I felt very weird and wobbly, but as that wore off I just felt as though I’d been used as a pin cushion for the day. Our vet stuck needles in so many parts of my body to draw off fluid from the lumps to check what they were. She thinks that all of them may be fatty lumps, even the one that seemed to be on my thyroid and the large golf ball sized one in my neck. They’ve all gone off to the lab though and we’ll get the results back sometime in the next week. Our Mistress talked to her about whether the ones in my neck are pressing on things and that is a possibility, but to be honest that is a better outcome than the others might be. I just have to wait to see now. If it is that, of course it doesn’t explain why I feel so under the weather, but that’s for another day. I’m having a bit of a rest day today to try to get over things.

Shadow heard from her daughter Dora yesterday and she has quite a serious heart problem. She asked if I could send Dora her mum’s love and Shadow hopes that she’s bearing up. Dora is Aristotle’s full sister so he sent his love too.

Health is so important and it’s something you take for granted until it’s not as you want it. Our Mistress spends hours trying to make sure that all the matings for our breed are good ones so as to minimise the risks, and still things go wrong. I guess until we completely understand how things can be passed on and can map our DNA to know if any of our genes aren’t good ones then we’re stuck with what we’ve got. I wonder if there will ever come a time when humans analyse things to such an extent that they can get it right. I suppose then a different gene will mutate just to confound them!

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  1. So pleased you came through your tests Ok. Yes, I think resting is a good idea.
    Please send our best wishes to Dora. My Mum and Dad went to see her before they decided to have me! Have a relaxing day. Love to you all Dickens X

  2. Welcome back Alfie. Have a good rest today. Best wishes to Dora, I hope her heart problem is treatable. xxx

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